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The ambition of this site is to list every ‘make’ of disc record marketed in the U.K. in the early mechanical (acoustic) recording era, and tell you a little about it. Nearly 300 labels are listed, illustrated by well over 1,000 images. The majority of the research work on these early record companies has already been done by the late Frank Andrews, the doyen of British discographers. References  to his writings are given. We hope this site will help you, and also be of some slight entertainment value – the author believes that very long  ‘dry-as-dust’ presentations almost always become tedious. 8^)

If you’re looking for a specific label, click the initial letter in the link array above. Or, if you would just like to browse, click on any letter that takes your fancy!

Further tabs provide some general back-up information; and if you can help us fill any gaps, do please click on ‘Contact us’!

British disc records of the 'Acoustic' Era.