Edison Bell Penkala.

UK Edison Bell 4987,
both sides recorded
in Bucharest.


Edison Bell Penkala discs,
all courtesy of John Culley.
(British recordings are noted)

 Edison Bell Penkala Baby 13.5 cm.

Known as ‘The Crown’ in U.K. (U.K. recordings.)

 Edison Bell Penkala Baby 15.25 cm.

‘The Crown’ in U.K. U.K. material, and both sizes were
used for several client labels – including, as we now
know, Penkala! 😀

 Edison Bell Radio 20 cm.

Master: BK644 F


Master: BK646 B


Master: MK142


Master: MK162 A


Edison Bell 25 cm.

Master: 2383


Master: 2540


Master: 11654-1


Master: 11655-1


Master: 10009


Master 10013-1


Edison Bell 30 cm.

Master: X1196-1


Master: X1220-1


Master: X1252-1


Master: X1253-1


Types of packet.

Roman on one side, cyrillic on the other…


Again, roman on one side, cyrillic on the other.


The 30cm packet is the same on both sides, except that the slogan on the other side says: ‘The name Edison Bell on a Record – Suffices.’



  1. All sides were recorded at 78.26 rpm – no attempt was made to establish the  true pitch of the discs.
  2.  No declicking or any digital processing whatsoever was used.
  3.  A few notes on the sides of British origin appear below. I have no idea where the other material was recorded, but my friends may have some ideas about this.


Notes on British Recordings.

 2159                       Royal Court Orchestra
2383 O                  The Jolly Coppersmith (Descriptive peter) (??)                                                    London Regimental Band
2540 F                    Coronation Bells – March
Both these sides are from Winner 2159, issued August]
1912,  but 2383 was originally on Bell Disc 175, iss.
March 1910. The  enigmatic ‘Peter’ is probably Peter Andersen, conductor of the Band of H.M. Kings Colonials, which the band actually is. ‘Coronation Bells’ is correctly credited to the London Regimental Band.

E5012                   Lido Tango Band
11654-1 L             Michaela – M Eiser(m)ann? – Tango Argentino
11655-1 A             Denk’ An Mich (Creola) – W Borchert – Tango  Argentio.
These seem to be British master numbers, dating to
mid 1928, but recorded elsewhere….

 4411                      Regent Dance Orchestra, London
10009-1 P             Barcelona – one step
10013-2 R             Villa Rosa – one step
Winner 4411, iss. June 1926. Very late acoustic

 551                        Ugo Donarelli (in cyrillic)
X 1196-1 F           O Monumento – La Gioconda (in Roman)
X 1220-1 F           Avant de Quitter Ces Lieux (roman) – FAUST (cyrillic)

559                        Ugo Donarelli (in roman)
X 1252-1 E           Eri Tu – Krabuljni ples
X 1253-1 F           Se La Giurata Fede – Tosca
These are all Velvet Face London masters, and indeed
catalogue  numbers. 551 was issued in May 1923 &
559   in July.
 Donarelli  made over 20 sides for Velvet Face,
between Jan 1923 &  Nov 1924.  

Written 15/16th th August 2022.

British disc records of the 'Acoustic' Era.