Electric playback of disc records.

5th January 2022. This is a Pilot Page; it will require a great deal of work, but we think it may be of use to the increasing number of people who are investigating this topic.

Initially, we are simply putting up images of (a) pick-ups; (b) gramophone arms intended to replace tone arms, and (c) arms in which the pick-up is an  integral part.

Later, the images will be arranged in chronological order, and data as to their first appearance in magazines, reviews &c, added. There will be a problem with reproducing information from the major source of this information, as regards the copyright of the material. But that consideration lies well in the future.

So, for the present, the images are very much jumbled. Also, there is no link to this page from this website – currently, it exists only in a limbo – hopefully for not too long! 😊






British disc records of the 'Acoustic' Era.