Books & magazines most often cited.

Each label has brief notes or explanation. Usually, it begins with a reference to an article giving more information on the label. Indeed, we have based our brief sketches on these articles.

Unfortunately, many of those magazines and journals are not easy to find. It is much to be hoped that they may eventually be brought together in a complete body, and made available once again, perhaps in digital or on-line format. A good start has already been made: the first 220 issues of the ‘Hillandale News’ are available on CD-ROM as stated below. See

Above all, you will see the name Frank Andrews occurring again and again in these pages. His indefatigable work, over many decades, is the heart and soul of our knowledge of early British record labels – not to mention a good many later ones!

Besides articles, very many complete label listings have been published, mostly by the City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society (de facto, the British National Society for these matters), and in such cases, a link is given to the CLPGS site, where you will find more details of these valuable publications.

Abbreviations for authors, periodicals and books most often cited:

FA = Frank Andrews.
HD = “Hillandale News” – Journal of the City Of London Phonograph & Gramophone Society, 1960 – 2001.
A CD-ROM containing  issues 1 to 220 of “Hillandale News” 1960 – 1998 is available from the CLPGS: .
FTR = “For the Record” – Journal of the City Of London Phonograph & Gramophone Society, 2002 to date.
TMR = “Talking Machine Review” – Ernie Bayly 1969 – 1989; John Booth 1989 – 2001.
BRI = The British Record Industry During the Reign of Edward VII: 1901-1910 by Frank Andrews. CLPGS Reference Series No.3, 2010.
NR = ‘Nicole Record’: a Discography and history by Michael Kinnear. Pub. Michael Kinnear, Victoria, Australia, 2001.
E78PB = The English 78 Picture Book. Don Taylor. Artemis Publishing Consultants, Hobart, Tasmania, 1993.

British disc records of the 'Acoustic' Era.